From TV appearances
to speaking for crowds
large and small, I'm
available for all kinds
of events - and it's
always a great time!


"Erica is one of the liveliest guest we have on the air. She’s funny, candid and engaging. Having her on the set immediately amps up the energy! She’s the queen of pop-culture, adding her signature flare to everything she touches."

-TaRhonda Thomas, Reporter

"As a TV producer I found Erica to be a fantastic host on camera. She always had her lines down and could deliver her scenes seamlessly."

- Joel Spicola, Owner
Media Hub Productions

Event Emceeing

Scripted or loosely scripted: Award Shows, Recitals, Charity Dinners, etc.

I have emceed events from the Denver Chamber of Commerce Awards to SaddleUp Foundation to the Colorado Pole Championships and everything in between. Regardless of the venue or audience I'm happy to deliver your message effectively with my own personality and flair!

LIVE Event Hosting

No script: Sporting events, large crowd functions

20K people, that's roughly the capacity for Chicago's Toyota Park, home of the B96 Pepsi Summer Bash as well as Denver's Pepsi Center home to the Denver Nuggets and I've rocked them both. As the In-Arena Host for the Denver Nuggets for many years my comfort level is very high for a LIVE crowd of any size, just give me the mic.

Keynote Speaking

Prepared Address topics: women in media, young entrepreneurs, etc.

I take great pride in being a role model for young people and I consider it an honor and a privilege to speak to them about where I've been and where life is taking me to inspire their futures. I've spoken at high schools, colleges and summer programs. I'm happy to inspire young lives as mine was inspired years ago.


2 hours, no mic, just meet and greet birthday parties, etc.

I receive a lot of invitations to special events and I'm always happy to attend. If you're looking to throw another social element into the mix at your next event I'm happy to shake hands, take pictures and kiss babies!

TV Correspondence

Entertainment is my forte!

If your station is looking for a Girl about town and lifestyle and entertainment guru, I'm your girl. I've appeared on FOX Chicago, 9NEWS, CW Denver, ABC Denver and TV Media Insights... I can give my "expert" opinion on your station too.


You have a unique booking for Erica?

I'm always happy to help! Tell me about your booking needs and lets see if we can work together.

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